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Building your own business from the ground-up is already hard enough. But mom bosses doing it while raising a family and juggling #momife are nothing short of extraordinary!

Here are 10 inspirational #MomBosses to follow in 2018 and beyond — I admire and respect what these ladies do! Some have definitely become Insta-celebs over the years. Despite accomplishing great things, they’re just normal everyday Mamas with humble beginnings who have found a way to overcome their struggles, balance motherhood, and launch successful businesses that enable them to help others live their dream lives!

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 1   Holly Johnson

Professional Writer, Travel Blogger + Speaker  • •  @clubthrifty

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The loudest people offering advice rarely have a clue what they’re doing. Most of the truly successful people are working quietly with their heads down, not up on a stage sharing their biggest secrets to success.Holly Johnson

Holly started as a regular mom, working in a stressful 9-5 job with dreams of traveling the world with her family. For years, she struggled with debt before finally realizing that if she could only get her money straight, she could afford the life she wanted. Eventually, through budgeting and smart spending habits, she managed to pay off $50,000 in car loans, student loans, and debt.

Today, she and her husband earn a full-time living online as professional writers, earning over $225,000 through freelance writing and her blog, Club Thrifty. Their financial freedom allows them to travel the world with their two daughters, and show them that anyone can achieve their dreams!

Holly also teaches Earn More Writing — A quintessential course for aspiring writers who want to turn their writing skills into a promising and flexible career. She teaches everyone from bloggers to stay-at-home-moms how you can make a great living with freelance writing by finding high-paying clients, and maximizing your workday. Her work has also been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNN among other major publications.



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 2   Catherine Choi

Founder of SoYoung Inc.  •  • @soyounginc

Catherine is a recovered drug addict who struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide during her university years. While many mompreneurs would hide such a turbulent past, she uses her story as a powerful life lesson for her two kids, and the mission of her business. Her journey of recovery and healing is one of the main reasons that propelled her to start SoYoung, a company that makes stylish, eco-friendly insulated backpacks, coolers and lunch bags.

I came across Catherine while watching an episode of Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) where she landed a successful pitch. I’m inspired by her story, and love that her products stand for transformation and empowerment!

Photo source: @soyounginc on Instagram

Her creations have been worn by the celebrity kids of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker.


I had lived a good portion of my life believing in my own lack, with an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. The only way I found to counter this belief was to have the courage to think bigger, believe in my own capabilities and pursue a greater vision.Catherine Choi


 3  Shalice Noel

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger + Infuencer  • • @shalicenoel

Shalice is a stylist and LA-based super-mom who makes raising 4 kids (with a baby on the way!), and running a fashion blog look like a walk in the park… all while looking super-chic! She makes mom-jeans look cool, and is the definition of today’s modern Mom.

Photo source: @shalicenoel on Instagram

If it’s something you really love, you will make the time and make it work. It’s not always smooth or predictable but you have to be flexible.Shalice Noel

I’ve been following Shalice on the ‘Gram for a while! Despite there being plenty of style influencers out there, I admire how Shalice makes the seemingly “mundane” everyday things about #momlife (like getting coffee, pizza on the beach, lounging on the couch in PJs, or grocery shopping) look effortless, magical, and oh-so-stylish! She has the ability to integrate her kids into her IG feed without making followers feel like they’re being totally spammed by kid photos! 😅

Her style is classic chic with a touch of edginess. Most of her style finds are built around affordable, staple pieces that you can find at the mall, and won’t break the bank.


 4   Bola Sokunbi

Financial Educator + Money Expert  •  •  @clevergirlfinance

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Bola is a mom of twins, and is passionate about increasing financial literacy in women. She was inspired by her own mother, who hustled at a number of different business endeavors to save enough money to fund Bola’s further education.

Her mother’s empowerment journey motivated her to save $100,000 in 3 years with a starting salary of just $54,000 before taxes. She went on to become a Certified Financial Educator, money expert and the founder of Clever Girl Finance.


If becoming a full time business owner is one of your goals, then you can definitely do it… as long as you are willing to plan accordingly, put in some effort and be patient with yourself.Bola Sokunbi

What started out as the Clever Girl Finance blog eventually got voted as one of the top personal finance websites for women — Bola has since also launched a podcast, and a financial education platform anchored by a membership site aimed at helping women take control of their money.


 5   Rachel Rouhana

Founder + Creative Director of Haute Stock  •  •  @hautestockco

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Taking the first step is always the hardest thing, but you quickly have to transition and realize it’s just taking one step at a time… You don’t have to have it all figured out before you launch.Rachel Rouhana

Rachel launched a membership site for stock photos in 2015 without any photography or creative design experience.

Her business was born out of her own frustration of having to buy one-off stock photos from Etsy for her design needs. Many stock photo libraries also lacked high-quality stock images with a feminine appeal.

While pregnant with her second child, she knew she had to execute this idea and meet the market need before someone else did!

Today, Haute Stock is one of the premier membership sites that offer stylish + affordable stock photography for business owners, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs.


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Images are all royalty-free, and new photos are added every week! I’m a happy customer myself, and I highly recommend it!


 6   Ruth Soukup

Author + Speaker  •  •  @ruthsoukup

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I drop balls all the time, and I mess up daily. Over the years, I have learned to let go of the idea that I need to be everything to everyone, to stop being such a perfectionist, and to give myself more grace.Ruth Soukup

Ruth started a blog called Living Well, Spending Less in 2010 after her husband put her on a strict budget due to her excessive spending habits, and it was affecting their marriage. Three years later, after surviving depression and learning how to become a professional blogger, Ruth made enough money that her husband could leave his job to be a stay-at-home dad.

She has built an online business and lifestyle empire teaching other entrepreneurs how to do the same. Ruth teaches online blogging courses and runs a motivational podcast called Do It Scared.

With the huge success of her blog, Ruth has also authored several books including: Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life and How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul, where she shares how she grew her own blog to over one million monthly visitors, and earns a full-time income. Her book launched as an bestseller!


 7   Hannah Brooks

Networking + Social Skills Coach  •  •  @hannahabrooks

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Put relationships first, valuing people for the amazing humans they are, instead of what we can wring out of them… Be a woman known for the value she adds to those around her and how she makes them feel – respected, special, valued and important. Hannah Brooks

With a background in performing arts, Hannah helps ambitious female entrepreneurs grow in their careers and expand their networks through the power of forming genuine relationships.

When I first read one of Hannah’s helpful articles, I was immediately drawn to her sassy writing style. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are natural introverts, and she shows us how to overcome the anxiety many of us may feel in everyday social situations. I found her advice to be relatable, actionable and straight-up. In today’s era of social media, and being the face of our own brands, genuineness has never been more refreshing!


 8   Emily Henderson

Celebrity Home Stylist, Author  •  •  @em_henderson

Photo source: @em_henderson on Instagram

Daily life is a juggle… I’ve also learned that it’s OK to delegate certain tasks and projects so I can focus on my kids and my family. At the end of the day, I’m the only one who can be a mother to my children.Emily Henderson
Home is the place where family memories are made — Emily Henderson has built an unforgettable blog, brand, and business doing just that.

Emily is one of my personal IG favorites! Not only does she serve up stunning mid-century modern inspired home visuals, but she also gets real honest and vulnerable on her parenting-related posts.

She talks about bathtime, temper tantrums, limiting screen time, and nannies. It’s refreshing in the IG sea of perfectly curated celeb mom-and-baby photos and assures us that there’s a real human behind that perfectly placed furniture who deals with real mom issues just like the rest of us.

Emily is the author of the New York Times’ Bestseller, Styled: Secrets or Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves. Not only does she teach you how to style your coffee table, but this book looks great on it as well!


 9   Tricia Nguyen

Business Coach  •  •  @fiercefablife

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Spend more energy trying to find a way rather than an excuse.Tricia Nguyen

After her first business experience starting a food truck, Tricia realized that entrepreneurship isn’t always as sexy as it looks on the outside.

It’s often grueling, and something she decided she couldn’t keep up with after becoming pregnant with her first son.

Feelings of failure and inadequacy took a toll on her life, but she decided to pull herself out of her pity party in order to show her boys that they could find a way to live a life they love.

Today, she’s a fierce business coach to women who want to have it all — business, babies, bottles, big hair and your dream booty! Her IG feed is a feast for the eyes and her insights will light the fire in your heart!


 10   Tara McMullin

Small Business Community Founder, Podcaster + Educator  •  •  @tara_mcmullin

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I believe that innovative, visionary small business owners like you ought to be leaders and change-makers in our communities and culture—not struggling to keep up.Tara McMullin

Tara is an all-around ROCKstar mompreneur… literally! If she’s not bouldering or visiting national parks, she’s a passionate advocate for cultivating small business community.

She’s the founder of CoCommercial, a support network connecting small business owners so they can grow and learn from each other. She also the author of Quiet Power Strategy, runs a top Podcast called What Works, and is a Money & Life instructor for entrepreneurs.


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With her approachable and smart teaching style, It’s easy to see why she is one of their top-selling instructors! I’ve personally taken her Build a Standout Business course, and it is highly recommended!


I’d love to know: Are there any other Mom Bosses out there who have inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey?

What qualities do you admire most?

Please enlighten me in the comments!


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Building a business is already hard enough. But doing it as a Mom Boss while raising a family and juggling Mom duties is nothing short of extraordinary!

Here are 10 inspirational #MomBosses to follow in 2018 and beyond. They're normal everyday Mamas that have found a way to overcome their struggles, balance motherhood, and launch successful businesses that enable them to help others live their dream lives!