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Let’s get real for a moment: As much as you love your hustle, there are days when your mind feels downright Crappy with a capital C. It starts off with a small mishap (the barista put cream instead of milk in my coffee again).

By midday, your negative thoughts could progress to a full-out meltdown triggered by an innocent Instagram post. (OMG look at “little miss perfect” flaunting her flawless #bossbabe life. She’s totally living the dream, and every photo gets 5k likes. What is she doing in her business that I’m not? Maybe I don’t have what it takes… Maybe I should stop chasing my crazy dreams before I further embarrass myself.)

I’ve definitely been a victim of that internal dialogue. On days like those, everything you do in your business starts to feel like a chore.

Do you ever have thoughts like these?
  • I have to fake it ’til I make it, or else my friends and family will think I’m crazy for wanting to do my own thing.
  • I have to give up that vacation I wanted to take this summer because I need that cash to invest in marketing campaigns.
  • I have to stay in this Friday night, because I can’t justify dropping another $200 on dinner and a night out, only to end up feeling guilty about it afterward.
  • I have to figure out how to take photos/code/design/write copy myself because I can’t afford to hire help for it at this point, and it’s damn frustrating!
  • I have to find a way to manage all my sales invoices and business receipts because the shoebox isn’t cutting it anymore. Bookkeeping is so annoying!
  • I have to get my sh*t figured out in a year or else I’ll be a failure and have to go back to my “real” job.

Before we get drunk on negativity at this pity party, here’s one simple mind-hack I use when I’m experiencing crappy thoughts.

Instead of thinking “I HAVE to”, think  “I GET to” .

Now, see how those previously negative thoughts are presented in a different light:

  • I get to start a business, and define success for myself. My friends and family will relish in seeing me do what truly makes me happy. They’ll also be secretly jealous and wish they had the guts to do this themselves.
  • I get to take a staycation this summer, which gives me the opportunity to rediscover some local hangouts with my fam, while allowing me to stretch my marketing budget for my business — having my cake and eating it too!
  • I get to Netflix and chill tonight, and eat a home-cooked meal that is healthier for both my body and my wallet!
  • I get to learn a new skill like taking photos/coding/design/writing copy that I’ve never been exposed to in my job. Who knows, I might actually discover that I’m pretty good at it, and *gasp* actually like it! If not, at least I get to DIY and save some money until I can work with a professional I love.
  • I get to take an intimate look at all the transactions that make up my business cash flow. The more time I spend bookkeeping, the more I’ll truly understand my finances and make better business decisions.
  • I get to set my own goals, and define my own timelines for success. If I decide eventually that this isn’t working out, I can always find a job as a safety net. Either way, I am happy knowing that I pursued my goals, and have a way to get myself back on track before the next idea hits.
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This is seriously powerful stuff, people! 

With just this small tweak, your mind could go from being depressed and burnt-out to become a resilient, unstoppable force on beast-mode!

I can’t take full credit for it though. I first came across the idea of the “I get to” shift from reading the Positive Parenting Solutions blog by Amy McCready, a parenting expert who has been featured all over the media.  This concept was explained as a parenting mindset shift, but I know you’ll find it equally applicable to business as well.

The entrepreneur life is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. The more aware we are of how we feel every day, the more we get to better manage our thoughts and ground them in gratitude.

Remember WHY you chose this life, and let it motivate and invigorate you.

What’s your source of motivation when you’re feeling down in the dumps? Please share!


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P.S. Some Things that Make Me Happy

As much as you love your hustle, there are days when your mind feels downright Crappy with a capital C. Here's one simple mind-hack I use when I'm experiencing crappy thoughts. It'll instantly change your mindset to a more positive one!

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