Who’s Charlene?

Self-taught designer + online entrepreneur. Toronto-born and bred.

A numbers girl who isn’t afraid to get crazy between the spreadsheets.

Loves wine, pizza, and productivity… preferably all at the same time. 


I started my career as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and spent my early years working at a global accounting firm, then at a multi-national bank.

While climbing the corporate ladder, I felt unfulfilled and yearned to get back in touch with my creativity.


After my own wedding, I launched a boutique paper design studio, specialized in creating custom invitations and stationery. I appeared at industry trade shows and my work was featured in several high-profile wedding magazines and design blogs.

I eventually quit my corporate bank job and generated six-figure revenues in my second year of business.

Today, I’m working with my husband to launch a gourmet food eCommerce start up later this year. More details will be shared on the blog soon!


I’m a mom to a 10-year old rescued German Shepherd and a crazy 3-year old with endless energy!

After my son was born, I made the heart-wrenching decision to stop accepting new clients in my design business. As much as I loved serving my clients, it was no longer a good fit for my lifestyle. I was determined to find another business model with more flexibility to better meet the demands of #momlife.

That’s when I dove headfirst into the world of online business. 

Let’s Face It: Entrepreneurship can seem SCARY.

Have you seen this alarming stat from the Bureau of Labor Statistics?


TRUTH: This usually happens because they run out of cash.

I’ve seen this happen with many small businesses and solopreneurs I’ve met over the years. Sadly, many entrepreneurs just don’t have the proper foundation of financial knowledge to understand the numbers.

This results in confusion, self-doubt, and spinning your wheels wondering if you’re spending time on what matters. Some dreams never even get off the ground because people can’t take that first step with confidence.

That doesn’t need to happen to you.

Marketing, social media, and a stellar product are crucial, but understanding the numbers empowers you to make better business decisions. NOBODY (not even your accountant) has as much at stake in your business as you do — You must OWN it.


Maybe you’ve dabbled in a ton of attempts to make money online, but nothing sticks because you’re mentally burned-out, drowning in information overload, and feeling too overwhelmed to make sense of it all.

I hear you — I’ve been there too.

If that sounds like you, grab a coffee (or four ☕️) because you’re in the right place.

Every entrepreneur can be successful when equipped with the right knowledge, skills and mindset.

Luckily, numbers are my jam.


  • I’ve built businesses from the ground-up
  • I’m a believer in collaboration, mentorship and community over competition.


Ask me those burning questions that keep you up at night. They’ve probably kept me up too.

Think of me as that “tough-love” friend who’ll always tell you what you need to hear, even if it pisses you off a little. 😁

My goal is to help you succeed in your online business.

Because I think the world needs more crazy inspirational entrepreneurs like you.

Let’s start cashing in on your passion!