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Meet Glynis Tao

She’s a seasoned #MomBoss with over 20 years of experience in the fashion and retail industries.

In 2005, Glynis launched a specialized clothing company called Punch Brand — They quickly became known for their unique character-driven clothing and lifestyle brand inspired by the colorful and elaborate costumes fans wore at comic conventions such as Comic-Con.

In 2011, her company was commissioned by Google to produce signature Android beanies and hoodies for Google campus. Glynis ran Punch Brand for 10 amazing years, creating unique products for corporate clients, artists and designers globally!

After the birth of her son, she embarked on a new journey as a business coach specializing in guiding creative entrepreneurs with product-based businesses.  She founded “Chase Your Dreams”, a consulting agency focused on entrepreneurship and personal growth.

She now works with purpose-driven people who are ready to follow their passion, wanting to transition from a 9-5 job to build their own creative business.


What was your life like before entrepreneurship?

Before starting Punch Brand, I was working in the apparel industry. I held various positions such as technical designer, production coordinator, and product manager for several large corporations such as Club Monaco, Zellers, and Reebok. I also worked for smaller mom-and-pop type shops as well, so I have a pretty diverse experience in the fashion industry.

Although it was an amazing experience, I never felt content working for someone else. I was lacking the creative freedom which I desired. I lost that passion, that drive that made me want to wake up and go to work every day. A sudden layoff led me to pursue my business full time.


How did you decide to start this business?

After giving birth to my son Chase in 2016, I decided to wind down Punch Brand, as I wanted to prioritize being a stay at home mom. After 2 years, I felt I achieved my goal of spending time taking care of my son and I was ready to work on my career goals.

One afternoon, while my son was peacefully napping in the car, I was in the parking lot of a nearby lake. I sat and filled out a workbook on finding my true life’s purpose. It was like filling out a roadmap of my vision, I was amazed at how quickly it all came together.

My goal was to become a business coach for creative entrepreneurs. The name of my company, Chase Your Dreams was inspired by every child’s unbounded nature that is full of potential, hopes and dreams. It also takes after his namesake, Chase. So it has double-meaning!

I wanted to use my industry knowledge and 10 years of business experience to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to set up, launch and grow their dream business.


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What was the biggest hurdle you experienced when you first got started?

Finding the right target audience and putting myself in front of them. I feel vulnerable. I am an introvert, so it’s hard to put myself out there and promote myself!

When I was running Punch Brand, I was doing a lot of conventions — my products sold themselves, and I didn’t really have to do a lot of “selling”.


Now that I’m a consultant, I AM the product, so I need to sell myself. I need to get over the fear of rejection and thinking people are judging me!Glynis Tao


What was the biggest financial challenge you’ve experienced in your business?

It takes time and a lot of hard work when you’re launching a business from scratch. Make sure you have enough money set aside to cover living expenses for at least 3-6 months before your business starts generating income.

I started my first business while I was working at a full-time job, so I wasn’t stressing as much about money. In my new business, I’m relying on support from my spouse, savings and a line of credit although I haven’t needed to use that yet! It’s hard not to worry about money, hence this is where mindset comes into play.

It was also challenging to figure out how to “package” my services as a business coach. Currently, I offer a selection of different Consulting Packages (online coaching, group coaching, and 1-on-1 mentoring) depending on my client’s needs. I want to eventually launch an online course as well.


What resources are instrumental to your business success?

My Mindset Tips Sheet:

An important ingredient in achieving personal and financial success is having the right mindset. I have a helpful tips sheet called “5 WAYS TO SHIFT YOUR MINDSET” which you can download here.

My Fave Business Books:
  1. First Things First — by Stephen R. Covey
  2. Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose — by Tony Hsieh
  3. The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level — by Gay Hendricks
  4. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant — by W. Chan Kim
  5. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action — by Simon Sinek



Glynis is offering a FREE discovery consultation at Chase Your Dreams!

Contact her if you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s looking to take your creative service or product business to the next level.

Follow Glynis @glynistao, on Facebook, or at


Charlene’s Two Cents

Glynis and I initially connected over Instagram, and I had the pleasure of meeting Glynis IRL on one of her recent trips to Toronto from Vancouver!

We immediately clicked, and her story really resonated with me because both of us had decided to wind down our first business after giving birth… our businesses were actually our first babies!

Glynis has very much to offer to new entrepreneurs, particularly in product-based businesses where you have to deal with mass manufacturing, buyers and distributors.

These types of businesses tend to be alot more complex to run and manage — That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with an experienced coach to help you set your business up in the right way!




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Interview with Glynis Tao, a mompreneur who transitioned from the fashion industry to become a business coach, helping creative entrepreneurs Chase Their Dreams.
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