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Meet Rigel Jones

Rigel (pronounced “Miguel” but with an R) is the founder of Toronto-based Rondina-Jones Consulting.

As an Online Business Systems Strategist, she helps Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses create automated systems to scale their businesses for growth.

She’s also the creator of the “Make Your Bold Move” group coaching and accountability program, teaching entrepreneurs how to build systems, and holding them accountable for their goals for 90 days!

She’s a mommy of 3 beautiful girls, loves to dance, and just started to heavily incorporate this back into her weekly routine, after 13 years!


What was your life like before entrepreneurship?

Before entrepreneurship, I was always praised as a great employee with excellent work ethics and leadership. I later realized that praise often came with more responsibilities, not a lot of pay, and having to play a game of “office politics” to actually make a difference.

I had a pretty good corporate career at age 22, but I just had an innate feeling that it wasn’t what I was meant to be. But what else was I supposed to do? I had no knowledge of entrepreneurship at the time, nor did I think it was even possible for me… So, I ended up following what we were “meant to do”, according to society.

I stayed at my corporate job, got a mortgage, got married, financed a vehicle, incurred (a LOT of) debt… it felt like a vicious cycle!

In 2009, I was introduced to Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which confirmed my intuition that I could do something different with my life, and not have to always trade my time for money!

Well, it must’ve been that God or the Universe had my back! Because after reading this book and coming to this realization, I was approached by some friends who were a part of network marketing companies! I’d tried a bunch of side gigs and part-time businesses. I received a lot of valuable training and learned some lessons that grew me thick skin! I hadn’t stopped learning since.


How did you decide to start this business?

My first REAL business started when I was on Maternity leave with my first child. I really didn’t want to go back to work. After experiencing a few side-hustles, I felt ready to do something bigger or take bigger risks!

Having a daughter really inspired me to get started quickly. I launched my Virtual Assistant business, Simply Assist VA Services, while eight months into maternity leave.

Within 4 weeks, I completed a certification training from home, got my website, business cards and attended a convention in Orlando for Coaches and Speakers (which were my ideal clients).

After four years in business, I gained enough expertise from working on the back end of other people’s businesses, so I started a Consulting company, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get the proper systems and automation in place, so they can effectively scale their businesses and free up their own time.


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What were the biggest hurdles you experienced when you first got started?

The reason I started my business was so that I could have “more time with my family”…*nervously laughs* Nobody told me that would come WAAAYYY after the hustle and bustle of getting your business setup!

After I launched, I still went back to my corporate job, had 2 more kids, while still going back to work in between, and running my business full-time! I was hustling daily because and getting pulled in so many directions, it became hard to stay focused on my goals. As a result, I got hit hard with depression!


I was lucky enough to have such wonderful clients, and a good support team in place. This gave me the breathing room to slow down the business during a time that I had to really take care of myself. It took about a year of self-reflection to recharge and really get clear on my current goals.

I also faced with a lot of debt while being away on maternity leave 3 times. I was determined to stay away from debt and with the right money mindset training and mentor, I was able to be debt free finally!


How do your clients typically work with you?

When I first to speak to my clients, they tell me their vision, and it typically ends with.. “now I don’t know how to make that happen!” After walking them through some possible ways of making their visions come to life, they get 3 options:

1. I’ll outline the steps they need to do, in order to make their visions come to life (a.k.a. Business Systems Blueprint). This is typically for the Entrepreneur who is tech-savvy and have a team to help them execute the plan.

2. Teach the clients – the Make Your Bold Move Program teaches our clients how to create and build their business systems in 90 days. This is a “done-with-you” model, giving them support, resources, and virtual co-working time to keep them accountable.

3. Done-For-You. We also get a lot of clients that are just super overwhelmed, whether they’ve started their own systems and processes, but just isn’t efficient and is causing more “business clutter”, rather than actually solving the problem! That’s where I come in 😁 to assess the mess, give them a plan to clean up their systems, and we just get it done!


Here’s a video where Rigel shows you 5 Productivity Tips to help you reduce overwhelm!


What does being a Mom mean for your business?

I firmly believe moms possess SUPERPOWERS whether you’re a business owner or not. But my superpower is my mommy-sense of just knowing what’s best for our children and families!

I’ve been able to easily put my foot down and be decisive when it comes to running my business. This means, saying NO to opportunities or clients that I knew would not serve me in a peaceful way.

I’ve also learned that I have to take care of myself, so I can have clarity to take care of my family and business. I encourage my children, clients and team members to do the same! Giving ourselves permission to not be perfect is one heck of a superpower! 💪🏽


What advice would you give someone who’s just starting their business journey?

The best advice I could for someone who is just starting out, is don’t feel that you have to have everything “in order” or “perfect” before you launch your business.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, so don't waste it waiting for perfection. @rigeljonesClick To Tweet


Mistakes can be corrected and lessons can be learned. Money is just money and can be replaced. You and your time is the most valuable asset you have, so don’t waste it waiting for perfection. Someone needs your gift and talent right now!




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How a Mom of 3 left her corporate career and overcame debt and depression to build a successful virtual assistant and consulting business while on maternity leave
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