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You may have toyed with the idea of starting a business at some point, but many moms feel their entrepreneurial goals must be put aside once they have children. I beg to differ — Have you ever considered that Moms make GREAT entrepreneurs?

As a “mompreneur” who has built multiple businesses, a wife and mother to a preschooler, I believe that being a mom already equips you with the key qualities that breed successful entrepreneurs. Here are 7 reasons why being a Mom is actually an amazing business asset!


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 1  We have a Strong Sense of Purpose

Running a business is full of highs and lows. Every successful entrepreneur has a strong sense of purpose to keep them motivated through the hard times.

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Remember WHY you started.” In the beginning, my reason was to achieve financial independence without my 9-5 job. After having a child, my “why” became even stronger. Mothers always put their families first, and will go to the moon and back for their kiddos.

I chose this lifestyle not because it was easier or safer (Hint: it isn’t), but because I want to be a living example to my son. I want to demonstrate that we’re capable of chasing our dreams, and crafting a life we love as long as we’re intentional about our goals and willing to work hard for it.


 2  We’re Natural Multi-taskers

Between taking care of the home, getting the kids dressed, fed, and ready for school (did he put on clean underwear today?), then getting groceries to get dinner on the table, your mind is filled with a constant to-do list that is never fully checked off.

“Mom-brain” is really a thing – and yet, here you are. Your kids are alive and well. Somewhere along the way, at the intersection of chaos and fatigue, you’ve managed to find a groove for getting things done, and might even look presentable while doing it.

A University of London study found that “Men have more difficulty multitasking” compared to women. When raising a family, multitasking is not a choice, but a way of life for moms!

Running a business comes with its own neverending to-do list of items that all seem crucial because they needed to be done yesterday. Moms are well-equipped to handle business demands by taking advantage of their superb multi-tasking abilities.


 3  We’re Creative Problem-Solvers

Have you ever had to entertain a restless toddler at the doctor’s office or an overseas flight? Or maybe it’s convincing your little one that Mr. Bear isn’t going to die if he lost a few stitches on his arm. Moms are quick on their feet to fight fires and can find creative ways to make the problem go away.

Creativity comes from wearing ALL THE HATS. We’re cooks, chauffeurs, therapists, party planners, teachers, and doctors all rolled into one. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving is an underrated skill.

In business, the ability to keep calm and think outside the box is a crucial quality in a leader. If one strategy doesn’t work, you’ll try another one and see what happens. Your people are looking to you to reassure them that boo-boos are no big deal. Just put a bandage on it, and keep going!


 4  We’re Our Families’ CFOs

In an October 2016 study from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, (Allianz Women, Money, and Power Study), 51% of women claimed they are the CFO of their household. Additionally, 37% of married women reported being the primary breadwinner of the family.

When raising a family on limited funds, it’s important to be mindful of spending, and make your money stretch further.

Whether it’s making decisions about your weekly grocery budget, or deciding whether you can afford to splurge on this year’s family vacation, Moms are constantly trying to squeeze the maximum value out of every dollar.

The financial savvy that comes with managing the household budget transfers seamlessly to managing the finances of your business. Moms are great at making decisions about whether something is a “need” or a “want”.

In addition, a majority of startup businesses are self-funded by their owners. Creating a business budget, while finding ways to reallocate existing resources into growing a business also makes Moms resourceful “bootstrappers” as well.


 5  We’re Good at Building Our Villages

If there’s one thing you know about getting through sleepless nights, “poopsplosions”, and getting the occasional shower in, you’ll gladly take all the help you can get!

Moms know that it truly takes a “village” to raise a child, and nobody can do it alone. So we’ll gather up the grandparents, relatives and friends to make a shortlist for babysitting duties. We’ll read parenting books and scan every link from Dr. Google the second we sense something is wrong with our kiddos. We’ll connect with other Moms to share recommendations on the best products, remedies, and advice to help each other survive.

This gathering of resources is similar to the idea of “crowdsourcing” in business by tapping into the knowledge of those around us to take us further.

Building a network of fellow mompreneurs and trusted business advisors and mentors feels natural to Moms. Being genuine, vulnerable and compassionate is what enables us to create lasting relationships in business and in life.


 6  We Roll With the Punches

In the middle of the mall, when your toddler decides to throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming, we’d likely handle the situation with more grace and composure than our previous child-less selves.

We’ve learned to expect the unexpected, and be prepared for shit to hit the fan (literally).

When your first child was born, there was no instruction manual. In a tired and sleep-deprived state, you had to figure things out and survive. Every kid is different, and every stage has its challenges.

Venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship feels very much the same. You can go to business school or read every successful entrepreneur’s biography, but nothing will better prepare you for the challenges than rolling up your sleeves and jumping in.

We might never feel like we’ve got it all figured out, but that’s ok. The more important thing is the willingness to roll with the punches, keep going, and deal with whatever comes our way.


 7  We Keep Our Eye On the Prize

Motherhood is a messy, grueling, thankless job. We don’t get awards, promotions, or even recognition on most days for what we do, but that doesn’t stop us from showing up and hustling for our families.

Moms can put their egos aside because we realize what we’re striving for is bigger than ourselves. It’s about focusing on the results of our work efforts rather than recognition.

All the blood, sweat and tears we put into raising happy, healthy kids are the same bodily fluids that are shed while building, launching, and growing a successful business.


If you’re thinking about giving birth to a new business sometime soon, rest easy knowing that motherhood has already put you through the trenches. You’ve got everything it takes (and more!) to become a savvy, resilient, successful entrepreneur.

Go get ‘em, Mama!


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Many moms feel their entrepreneurial goals must be put aside once they have children. I beg to differ — Have you ever considered that Moms make GREAT entrepreneurs? Here are 7 reasons why being a Mom is actually an amazing business asset!
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